Why I Write

I write for the little girl who sat inside her kindergarten classroom during recess.

Across the room, she could see her classmates playing dress up and fiddling with plastic bananas in the miniature kitchen set. Others pushed Hot Wheels cars across a plush carpet of roads. Some watched an episode of “Between the Lions” on the fuzzy and clunky television set of the early 2000s.

She pressed on a heavy, inky blue marker and wrote.

Her command of English was not quite there. She wrote her R’s backwards. She spelled “and” as “nd.”

But still she wrote.

She wrote all sorts of stories — things about gymnastics classes, seeing butterflies on the way to school, how water moves through the water cycle.

She wrote about the stories around her.

As the years went on, she realized that writing gave her a voice. She was always smaller than her classmates, and her words often got swallowed up by the noise of the room around her.

In the classroom, she shrunk.

On the paper, she commanded.

She sat in theaters and watched people leaping, singing and crying. She loved those stories, but she wanted more.

She wanted to write them.

So now, I write for that little girl who sat in her kindergarten class during recess, her head buzzing with ideas. Putting marker to card stock, she recorded the world around her.

And now, with that little girl going into her senior year at the School of Media and Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, she has a voice. She no longer shrinks. She gets to write and tell stories every single day.

Now, I put fingers to keys. I record the world around me.

Now, I command.


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Congratulations, Karen! As your Kindergarten teacher so long ago (but it seems just recently), I remember that little girl with big ideas. Your soft little hand clasped mine & you whispered big things to me frequently. I listened. I watched your eagerness to learn. I am not surprised that you found your voice quite early, communicating, sharing, encouraging & inspiring others. As Mother’s Day approaches I cannot claim you as my own daughter, but I am thankful to my Lord & Savior that I was given the privilege to work with you, to see you blossom into the gifted woman & lifetime learner you are. I have to credit God’s grace that He sent you into my classroom & I got to share your joy when you wrote your ideas in a sentence phonetically. You & I shared the thrill when you read it to others & we all clapped. It was a wonderful amazing moment when you realized the power of writing. I am also thankful for God sending you into the loving family you have—your first teachers were your dedicated & wise parents, always there, caring, nurturing, & being such excellent role models. Thank you for the sweet memories you gave me, Karen. What special gifts you have been given! Always be aware of the wonder of how God provides for us, and when life gets uncertain or difficult, rely on Him. My guiding verse is from Proverbs 3: 1-7 as it covers life. My prayers are with you & I look forward to seeing what blessings lie ahead for you. Continue to let your light shine before others!
    Love always,
    Regina Burch, your Fox Road K teacher, retired


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